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Li-Ion Battery Pack

Li-Ion Battery Pack

Li-Ion Battery Pack

Li-Ion/Polymer Battery Packs become a great deal since it has high power and low maintenance. Because of that, it becomes a common replacement for lead acid battery since it can provide the same voltage and don’t need some modifications of the cart's electrical drive system.


Li-Ion Battery Packs is available in cylindrical and prismatic forms. It is also can be found in some components on wireless communications and mobile computing, such as tablet PC, computers, cell phones, laptop and many more.


Axiss Technology is the experts in lithium ion/polymer batteries and battery pack assemblies. We committed to provide high standard Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery packs, chargers and switching power supplies with the largest energy density to minimize size and perfect for long time use.


In order to fulfill customers’ huge demands, we also provide custom battery pack and service. You will be satisfied with our superior quality of products and service!

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