<![CDATA[Axiss Technology Corp.]]> http://www.axisstech.com Tue, 30 Oct 2018 14:30:55 +0800 3600 News update(2018/Oct/29 19:28:24) http://www.axisstech.com/supplier_news.html News update (2018/Oct/29 19:28:24) news Mon, 29 Oct 2018 19:28:24 +0800 <![CDATA[Li Ion Battery Pack Battery Manufacturer (1S1P 3.7V 1000mAh Li Ion Battery Pack)(2018/Dec/14 12:14:44)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/1S1P-3-7V-1000mAh-Li-Ion-Battery-Pack.html Axiss Technology is a Taiwan based battery manufacturer of li-ion battery and other related accessories. Not only aim at the quality, but also provide customer's considerate service. As a leading battery supplier, we offer a variety of packs, chargers and switching power for different applications such as automotive need. The product we served like li ion pack with different sizes is well-executed during the production. 

As a professional Li-ion battery manufacturer, the top priority is to make sure that every product is in fine quality. During the manufacturing process, the quality control is strictly worked. Besides, we also concern about the environment. Since the battery is prone to do damages to the environment, Axiss combines the latest technology and the QC system to provide the best products to the customers.

We are deeply aware that a leading battery manufacturing company should do is to satisfy customer’s demands. In order to complete the customized service, we also have great R&D team to make your design comes true. To build up the partnership with the customers, we are well-organized to keep contact with our customers for feedback.

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<![CDATA[Li Ion Battery Pack Battery Pack Design & Assembly - 2S1P 7.4V 2200mAh Li Ion Battery Pack with Gas Gauge IC ()(2018/May/21 17:06:28)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/2S1P-7-4V-2200mAh-Li-Ion-Battery-Pack.html The battery pack design & assembly is manufactured by Axxis, a well-experienced manufacturer of batteries and green chargers.  The individual batteries and the interconnects are normally included in a battery pack.  With the use of it, you can power the RC hobby toys and battery electric vehicles as well.  

The battery pack design & assembly usually appears as a set of any number of identical batteries or individual battery cells.  In this way, the quality of the battery is important.  We Axxis Technology is here to provide you quality batteries and also fine customers services.  Please do not hesitiate and contact with us for our battery pack design & assembly today! 

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<![CDATA[Li Ion Battery Pack Lithium Ion Battery Custom (3S2P 12V 1700mAh Li Ion Battery Pack)(2018/May/8 15:31:54)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/2S2P-7-4V-2600mAh-Li-Ion-Battery-Pack.html The Lithium Ion Battery Custom service is provided by Axiss, a manufacturer of battery pack, charger and switching power supply manufacturer.  In the bussiness, they not only supply quality product to the customers but also provide customize services.  In order to meet the demands from industry like PC, laptop, smart phone, eBook reader or multi-media player, they have the lithium ion battery custom design service to satisfy their customers.    

The purpose of using the Li-ion batter is because it is rechargeable and mostly applied to portable consumer electroincs like camcorder, DVD, VCRS, telephones, televisions, calculators or MP3 player.  Since the function are various, it would be more convenient for you to purchase customize battery.  That is why Axiss provides the quality lithium ion battery custome design service to you.  Please feel free and contact us for more details!  We are ready to build up the partnership with you!  

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<![CDATA[Li Ion Battery Pack Custom Li Ion Battery - 3S1P 12V 2600mAh with TI Gas Gauge IC BQ20Z95 ()(2018/May/8 15:32:19)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/3S1P-11-1V-2600mAh-Li-Ion-Battery-Pack.html The custom li ion battery is provided by Axiss, a manufacturer specializing in batteries and chargers.  The item is also known as lithium ion battery custom, and they are generally used in consumer electronics.  Nowadays, the battery can also become a part of military, electric vehicle and aerospace.  

As a well-reputed manufacturer, we have custom li ion battery to meet your needs in the applications of the battery.  We the Axiss also devote ourselves into elevating the quality of the lithium ion battery custom services, and at the same time keep expanding extra services as well.    Besides, the customer service is another crucial part of our industry.  With the commitment of our team to our customers, we now have a pertinent protion team of customer service in our company.  

Please do not hesitate and contact with us for more imformation about the custom li ion battery and related services today! 

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<![CDATA[Li Ion Battery Pack Li-Ion Battery Pack ()(2018/Dec/14 11:53:54)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Charger-for-Li-Ion-Battery-Pack.html Li-Ion Battery is receiving a great deal of public attention because of high power and low maintenance. Besides, it is becoming a common replacement for the lead acid batteries that have been used historically for golf carts or utility vehicles. Instead of using heavy lead plates and acid electrolyte, the trend is to use a light weight Lithium Iron Phosphate cathode. Li-Ion battery packs can provide the same voltage as lead acid batteries and therefore no modifications of the cart's electrical drive system are required. Specially designed for portable electrical devices, Li-Ion battery pack can be found in many fields from wireless communications to mobile computing such as tablet computers, cell phones, laptops etc. Because of the impressed light weight, they have gradually been the alternative way in place of traditional power supply solution.

Li-Ion battery pack is available in cylindrical and prismatic forms. A lithium-ion battery is mainly made of the negative electrode, positive electrode, and electrolyte. With high working-voltage, large capacity, long circle-life and non memory effect, it has been widely used as a popular solution to portable power. Furthermore, compared to nickel-cadmium, the self-discharge is less than half, which allows lithium-ion well suited for modern fuel gauge applications.

Axiss Technology Company is committed to providing the high standard batteries, chargers and switching power supplies. The Li-Ion battery pack we offer provides the largest energy density to minimize size, making it perfect for use with a long life. In order to fulfill customers’ huge demands, we also provide custom battery pack and service. You will be satisfied with our superior quality of products and service!

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<![CDATA[Li Ion Battery Pack Battery Pack Lithium Ion ()(2018/May/8 15:58:22)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Battery-Pack-Lithium-Ion.html The battery pack lithium ion is rechargeable, which is an ideal solution to the portable power. Li-Ion battery is highly used by consumer electronics such as televisions, digital cameras, calculators, audio devices, headphones, camcorders, and many other home products. The li ion moves from the negative to the positive electrode during the discharge. In addition, the battery pack lithium ion uses intercalated lithium to be the material of the electrode.

The main advantages of Li-ion batteries include three points. First, they are much lighter in weight than other types of rechargeable batteries. Second, with no memory effect, the battery pack lithium ion can be recharged as much as you like regardless of how much they have been used. The property allows you to top up the charge without reducing their effective life. Third, the components of the Li ion cell are environmentally safe.

Axiss Technology is a well-reputed manufacturer of battery pack lithium ion, green batteries and chargers. With improving innovation and professional R&D team, our batteries are available in various shapes and sizes including cylindrical or prismatic form and can fit different devices. We provide not only good quality products but also good services to our clients. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more info right away!

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<![CDATA[Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Li Polymer Packs (1S1P 3.7V 6000mAh)(2018/May/8 15:32:35)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/1S1P-3-7V-6000mAh-Li-Polymer-Battery-Pac.html The product is provided by a Taiwan based manufacturer, Axiss Technology.  With great experienced in supplying battery and related items, they are now one of the top supplier in the industry.  The li polymer packs battery is mainly for mobile phone and electric vehicles.  It can also be called as lithium polymer batteries, which is rechargeable for some devices.  With the use of the li polymer packs battery, you will find it convenient when you are in need of power supply.  

The function of the product basically deals with charging problems.  It plays the role to protect the over-charging or over-discharging from the battery, and the battery also has short-circuit and thernal protection as well.   Usually the li polymer packs battery can be used with mobile phones, especially for the smaller, thinner and lighter phones.  

One thing good about the li polymer packs is that they can be made of different sizes, so this product can be served as customized item, and it will be made by our professional R&D team.  For Axiss, they aim at not only the quality of the product but also the after-sale service to the customers. 

If you are interested in our product, please do not hesitate and contact us today for more information!  

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<![CDATA[Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Lipo Battery Packs - 2S1P 7.4V 1500mAh with TI Gas Gauge IC ()(2018/May/8 15:32:54)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/2S1P-7-4V-1500mAh-Li-Polymer-Battery-Pac.html The lipo battery packs are also known as lithium polymer battery packs.  With the improving innovation, research and develpoment and standard of the quality, the Asixx is ready to be here providing you the best battery products to meet your needs.  As a professional manufacturer, we are strict to the quality control in prduction process.  By using the ISO certified equipment, we are dedicate to make every product in high quality.  The purpose of providing lipo battery packs is to make you feel convenient when you are in need of power for the electrical devices.   

We have not only good quality products, but also fine customer and after-sale services.  By purchasing the product you can easily find these advantages mentioned above.  Besides, we also providing customized services.  Please do not hesitate and inquire our fine lipo battery packs today!  

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<![CDATA[Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Battery Manufacturer ()(2018/May/8 15:28:54)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/3S1P-11-1V-2300mAh-Li-Polymer-Battery.html Axiss batteries have been regarded as a leading battery manufacturer in the industry. With rich experience of manufacturing batteries and related products, we already won a good reputation in the global market. With professional R& D team, our quality  is always the first priority of every employee in Axiss Technology. All the quality control is under the standard of the certification of ISO9001, UL approval, CE mark as well as RoHS compliant. We believe this is the basic of being and professional battery manufacturer

In Axiss Technology, various kinds of batteries are all available with standard quality. Batteries including, Li Ion Pack, Lithium Polymer Pack, NiMH Pack, Notebook Battery and even customized batteries are available for you. As a reliable battery manufacturer, we guarantee to offer wide customers quality and safe products. 

Our company philosophy has always aim on customer satisfaction with uncompromising integrity. This is the reason why Axiss Technology has built reliable reputation by fulfilling our customer’s requirements and demand. And surely, as a reliable battery manufacturer, we produce batteries under strict control for our customer’s safety. We carry products and services with the finest value and quality in the market. To meet your expectations, Axiss ensure that our sales people and customer service representatives generate enthusiasm and respond with extra efforts in addressing our customers' needs. 


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<![CDATA[Lithium Polymer Battery Pack 3S2P 11.1V 6000mAh Li Polymer Battery Pack ()(2018/May/8 15:33:31)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/4S1P-14-8V-3000mAh-Li-Polymer-Battery.html Tue, 8 May 2018 15:33:31 +0800 <![CDATA[Lithium Polymer Battery Pack Specification for Li Polymer Cell ()(2018/May/8 15:34:05)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Specification-for-Li-Polymer-Cell.html Tue, 8 May 2018 15:34:05 +0800 <![CDATA[NiMH Battery Pack Custom Battery Packs - 3S1P 3.6V 300mAh NiMH Battery Pack ()(2018/Dec/14 11:14:58)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/3S1P-3-6V-300mAh-NiMH-Battery-Pack.html The batteries provided by Axiss are not only in good quality but also have complete services to satisfy the customers.  The custom battery packs product is one of the example to show you that the customized services are welcomed.  

 The battery pack is a good solution to the portable power.  With the help on custom battery packs, you can solve your problems in a convenient way.  Moreover, the good thing about the customized products is that you don't have to spend time on searching the ideal one.  Please do not hestitate and contact us for the fine custom battery packs today.

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<![CDATA[NiMH Battery Pack Battery Consultant (4S1P 4.8V 9000mAh NiMH Battery Pack)(2018/May/8 15:35:29)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/4S1P-4-8V-9000mAh-NiMH-Battery-Pack.html Axiss Technology is a Taiwan based manufacturer specialized in battery, battery packs and related customize services as well.  We've won the reputation of the series of products in the industry and also got the trust from our customers.  We provide not only battery packs in quality, but also serving customize services to meet all kinds of needs.  As an experienced battery consultant, we devote ourselves into elevating the quality of our battery products as possible as we can.  

By applying standard equipment and grouping a qualified R&D team, we are confident to provide you the  best products.  We hold to the principle to provide the best solutions and related battery consultant for the customers, so we have professional teams for both R&D and customer's services.  Our goal is to become one of the best suppliers in the industry, and at the same time, build up the business partenrship with our customers.  By offering substantial benefits in the form of competitive pricing, we will give you the most professional battery consultant and timely delivery for the products you need.  

If you are interested in our services and products, please do not hesitate and contact us today for more information!  

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<![CDATA[NiMH Battery Pack Nickel Metal Hydride Battery ()(2018/Dec/14 12:16:26)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Charger-for-NiMH-Battery-Pack.html As environmental awareness has risen recently, people make every effort to create a greener planet. Using re-use materials is a popular way to go green. Rechargeable batteries are a perfect example. NiMH battery pack is the best choice as a green power for various electronic products. They are environmental-friendly on the production end because they last for hundreds of cycles over many years. Its electrochemical reactions are electrically reversible. NiMH battery is one of rechargeable batteries that are used in cameras and small electronic equipment.

Compared to NiCad battery, it uses the material of Nickel-Metal Hydride, which would not cause toxic effects like heavy metals. In particular, they can store more power than NiCad batteries and have no memory effects. With long duration, they can be used hundreds of times. NiMH battery has the features of high energy, high power, stable performance and ease of maintenance. You just need to put them in cool, dry place and avoid direct sunshine until needed.

However, some dishonest manufacturers may use poor material in order to cut down costs and expenses. Using low-quality material will make batteries break easily and will be useless in a couple of days. It also poses a high risk of exploding. The NiMH battery offered by Axiss Technology is designed to meet the energy requirement by providing the excellent battery products and service for customers. Our products are controlled strictly and meet the certification of ISO9001, UL approval, CE mark as well as RoHS compliant. 

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<![CDATA[NiMH Battery Pack 6S1P 7.2V 2200mAh Low Self-Discharge NiMH Battery Pack ()(2018/Mar/21 17:59:53)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/6S1P-7-2V-2200mAh-battery-pack.html Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:59:53 +0800 <![CDATA[ Notebook Battery Product List for Laptop Batteries ()(2017/Dec/14 14:25:15)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Product-List-for-Laptop-Batteries.html Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:25:15 +0800 <![CDATA[Charger Charger for Digital Camera ()(2017/Dec/14 14:26:01)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Charger-for-Digital-Camera.html Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:26:01 +0800 <![CDATA[Charger Charger for Li Polymer Battery Pack ()(2017/Dec/14 14:27:05)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Charger-for-Li-Polymer-Battery-Pack.html Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:27:05 +0800 <![CDATA[Charger Charger for Li-Ion Battery Pack ()(2018/Mar/21 18:02:28)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Battery-Pack-Charger02.html Wed, 21 Mar 2018 18:02:28 +0800 <![CDATA[Charger Charger for NiMH Battery Pack ()(2018/Mar/21 17:51:14)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Battery-Pack-Charger01.html Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:51:14 +0800 <![CDATA[Switching Power Supply 18W 12V 1.5A Switching Power Supply with interchangeable plug ()(2017/Dec/14 14:29:20)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/10W-5V-2A-Adaptor-with-interchangeable.html Thu, 14 Dec 2017 14:29:20 +0800 <![CDATA[Switching Power Supply 12W 12V 1A Adaptor Wall Mount with CCC Certificate ()(2018/Mar/22 11:01:39)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/12W-12V-1A-Adaptor-Wall-Mount-with-CCC.html Thu, 22 Mar 2018 11:01:39 +0800 <![CDATA[Switching Power Supply 30W 6V 5A Switching Power Supply ()(2018/Mar/22 11:00:07)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/30W-6V-5A-Switching-Power-Supply.html Thu, 22 Mar 2018 11:00:07 +0800 <![CDATA[Switching Power Supply 18W 9V 2A Switching Power Supply ()(2018/Mar/22 10:58:46)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/60W-12V-5A-Switching-Power-Supply.html Thu, 22 Mar 2018 10:58:46 +0800 <![CDATA[OEM/ODM Service Open Frame ()(2018/Mar/22 10:58:23)]]> http://www.axisstech.com/Open-Frame.html Thu, 22 Mar 2018 10:58:23 +0800